What Our Clients Say

Performance is ranked by customer satisfaction, read what our clients have to say over the past two decades.

Through challenging economic times we have created and preserved long term wealth.

“Ivy's solid investment philosophy and eye for opportunities have yielded returns way in excess of the market in the time that I have been with them.”

- Quentin De Bruyn

“I have been with Ivy Asset Management for a number of years and find their service and investment performance unmatched by the industry.”

- Peter Winn

"I have been a long standing client of Ivy Asset Management and they assist me with both local and International investments. They offer complete transparency in costs and investment makeup. Thank you for the years of service."

- Chris Hitchings, CEO, DSTV Media Sales

“I have had a full discretion account with Ivy Asset Management for the past four years. They have achieved an Internal Rate of Return in excess of 15% per annum resulting in a near doubling of my funds under their management. I am very happy with their service and attention to my investment needs.” 

- Gordon Bentley

“I have known Ivy Asset Management in both a personal and professional capacity for well over a decade. Their dedication to the businesses and the management teams of the companies in their funds has allowed them to select investments that have yielded extraordinary returns My personal investments have returned 26.5% per year which is exceptional. Thank you.”

- Giulietta Talevi, Companies editor, Business Day TV

“I invested with Ivy Asset Management over five years ago. In this time I have had returns that are unmatched by the fund management industry. With a focus on client relationships and a dedication to the businesses they invest in, Ivy has returned on an annual basis a compound return in excess of 22%. This is a substantial multiplier and I can highly recommend the company and Team, Thanks Ivy.”

- Craig Smith, MD, Tripharm Agencies (Pty) Ltd, Lesotho.

“I was one of Ivy Asset Management's first clients, my investment in the Ivy Securities Fund has made me a 185% return over the last five years after costs. This is unmatched by the industry.”

- Malcolm T Harris, Bombers Plumbers.

“Ivy Asset Management has managed a fairly significant private portfolio on my behalf since May 2003 during which period they have substantially outperformed most leading investment managers.”

- Wayne Rosenberg

“I have been a client of Ivy Asset Management for a number of years. Through both bull and bear markets they have always managed to out-perform.”

- Alastair Ratcliffe

“I have worked with Ivy Asset Management for a number of years. Their professional team ensures my personal and business requirements are always taken care of. Thank you for your dedication.”

- Malcolm Harris, CEO of Harscan Distributors (Pty) Ltd

“I was one of Ivy Asset Management’s first clients going back almost fourteen years. In this time their dedication to my specific needs and focus on the companies and management has led to returns that are unmatched by the industry. My portfolio has grown with a compound return of almost 19% per annum, this equates to an almost doubling of my assets every five years. I can highly recommend the company and team with a personal touch.”

- Dr John van Der Merwe, Ladybrand

“Although a keen and active investor myself, I have too been a client of Ivy Asset Management for the past five years, notably spanning the time of the worldwide economic meltdown. I am not certain how Ivy does it, but their team has consistently been able to underpin the portfolio with the best pick of blue chips which retain value in the face of market turmoil, whilst at the same time picking genuine winners that provide unreal growth. It is perhaps their considerable expertise combined with the fact that they are small enough to afford your portfolio, no matter how large or small, the attention and care which the large commercial asset managers just cannot.”

- Etienne de Villiers